About us

Artistic Directors of the Future is dedicated to creating change where it matters the most, at leadership level.

We work with BAME directors at varying levels of experience to inspire, prepare, support and empower the next generation of artistic leaders giving them the leverage they need to progress to the next step.

By working in collaboration with the theatre industry, academia and numerous leading producing theatres located nationally, we deliver a unique and pioneering artistic directors training programme, generate access to positions of authority and create exclusive networking opportunities.

We take pride in being an advocate for our ADF Associates, helping to build strong connections with board members, policy makers and gate-keepers. Through our advocacy work we are able to increase the visibility of our members and both examine and influence the process of recruitment.

We believe that by demystifying the role of the artistic director and celebrating the talent which exists in our community, we will challenge the status quo and change the face of theatre.




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