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Almost Every Successful Person Begins with Two Beliefs: The Future Can Be Better Than The Present, And I Have The Power To Make It So


If you're a culturally diverse practitioner and interested in becoming an Artistic Leader in the near future, then sign up to become an ADF Associate TODAY or contact for more information! 


Our membership offers bespoke training and development sessions facilitated by leading artistic leaders across the UK, artistic and managerial employment and shadowing opportunities, special perks like discount and invitations to exclusive events, networking gatherings and productions, ADF newsletter and lots more. 


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True Leaders Don't Create Followers, They Create More Leaders

We are always interested in building new relationships with businesses both nationwide and internationally. Our existing relationships with organisations have enabled us to extend and deepen our support for culturally diverse practitioners as they journey towards becoming the artistic leaders of tomorrow. By working together, we can create racial equality in the arts, implement new sustainable pathways to success and empower the next generation of artistic leaders. 


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