Aerial Mel Stevens

About the role

What made you apply for the Board Shadowing Programme?
  • I wanted to learn how other boards were run in the UK Arts sector.
How do you feel the organisations’ board meetings, as well as meeting their senior leaders and trustees, have benefitted you?
  • Without walls have been outstanding. Proactive with communications both before and following up. I have learnt a lot about subgroups and their importance, and they operate as a team.
What has been your favourite session with your host organisations, and what was your biggest takeaway?
  • I enjoyed the Finance meeting. I learnt a lot about the types of bookkeeping and what works well, and why. Plus, the team deliver everything so well and keep on time.
How have you felt supported during the programme?
  • David from Without Walls has been personable and welcoming. He is totally approachable and very generous with his knowledge.
What recent engagement can you share some highlights from with us?
  • Recently Maria, Vanessa and I attended the Norwich and Norfolk festival together. It was nice to meet and learn more about them, and the level of diverse arts was brilliant. I most enjoyed the festival sustainability tour at the beginning of our visit.
What do you feel the Board Shadowing Programme has taught you, and do you have plans for post programme?
  • I am personally so impressed with Without Walls. I would love to continue to work with them in any capacity as I see how mindful and caring they are as a company. After working with the Xtrax team on Xtrax Shorts and sirf, it was clear the team’s intention is pure, and when they identify the issues, they are willing to work with us for improvement and help the sector to shine.


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