Executive Directorship Placement offered through ‘Up Next 2021’

‘Up Next 2021’ Artistic Directors of the Future and Strike a Light offer a 1 year executive directorship placement

In 2017 Artistic Directors of the Future (ADF) launched a revolutionary programme in partnership with Battersea Arts Centre and Bush Theatre to bring leadership diversity to London’s theatre sector.

The initiative catapulted five extraordinary ADF members from ethnically diverse backgrounds into 18-month Artistic Director placements. The programme brought new perspectives to current workforces and offered new narratives to the creative briefs they were given.

The careers of the participants were elevated and through their work they opened up theatre to new communities.

I would never have this job if it wasn’t for ADF. There were times when I really couldn’t continue theatre and it was the great community I had through ADF that made me feel there was still a place for me in this industry and I only got this job, partly through my relationship with BAC, and the Up Next programme

This July Artistic Directors of the Future (ADF) and Strike a Light (Gloucester) are partnering to offer a one-year senior level placement as an Up Next Executive Director. Strike a Light’s Executive Director, Christina Poulton, will take leave for one year and during this period the successful ADF Member will step into Christina’s shoes.

Working alongside the co-Artistic Directors, Emma-Jane Benning and Sarah Blowers, they will drive the strategic and creative direction of the organisation, leading on planning, finance and organisational development. The Up Next Executive Director will have the space to spread their wings and come into their own with genuine power and resources.

Together ADF and Strike a Light want to bring fresh perspectives and new and diverse stories to audiences in Gloucester and beyond.

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