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ADF designs the model for each workshop and event and partners with arts organisation to lead them. Organisations can also work with us to shape and lead new activities.

Meet the Programmers

Expand your network
Meet the Programmers is a speed networking and pitching event designed to connect Global Majority creatives with the decision-makers in the arts sector.

Routes In

Provide a Talk and Q&A
Routes In is your opportunity to provide insight to your organisation’s programming and recruitment processes and professional development you offer.

Leadership Roles

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Your organisation can demystify the leadership positions to provide insight into the day to day responsibilities of the roles, the relationship between them and the essential experience required.

Applying for Senior Positions

Demystify your Recruitment Process
Demystify your application and interview process in this interactive workshop to increase applications from a diverse network.

Leadership Lab

Train tomorrow’s leaders
Leadership Lab is a 6-week interactive course for mid-career arts professionals led by the senior staff from 2 arts organisations. A great opportunity to develop meaningful professional relationships with tomorrow’s leaders.

Demystifying Trustee Positions

Train potential trustees
An interactive workshop where you can demystify the role of a trustee and a board, and meet with arts professionals with the skills and experience to be on one.


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